Integrative Medicine at Crossroads

About Us


About Us

Integrative Medicine at Crossroads, a special interest group of Crossroads Medical Associates, is a professional medical practice offering patients a truly holistic approach to health care that combines the best of traditional medical therapies with a full array of complementary care programs. Our proactive, individualized approach to health care is designed to enhance your quality of life by achieving a healthy balance in body, mind and spirit.

With an outstanding staff of board-certified physicians and certified nurse practitioners, our first goal and obligation is to provide excellent conventional medical service. We provide services in internal medicine, primary care medicine and preventive medicine.

In addition to our education, training and certification in conventional medicine disciplines, the staff at Integrative Medicine at Crossroads has developed special interests in one or more non-conventional or complementary/alternative disciplines. This unique combination of skills and expertise enables our team to diagnose and treat specific illnesses while, at the same time, providing resources, recommendations and services in the non-conventional and complementary/alternative areas supportive of each individual's health goals.