Integrative Medicine at Crossroads

Patient Endorsements

Patient Endorsements

“I have been coming to see Dr. Ross for about 11 years.I like the idea that he can help me with natural remedies, but if I get into trouble with something serious, like I did with Lyme disease, he was there to give me a lot of support with that too.”

“I have really strong feelings that if you are interested in treating yourself and helping yourself with alternatives other than popping pills all day, go to Crossroads. They have great programs using alternative methods and they are also very geared with the traditional methods when you need them”

~Leslie, 09/2013

"When I retired about 19 years ago I came to Dr. Ross and he is my Primary Care doctor. Dr. Ross and his associates are very competent and very knowledgable and very professional. Dr. Ross has always been looking for advances in his field”. “He promotes seminars with topics that are of interest to many people... Additionally he has the gymnasium.”

“I am very satisfied with everything I see here at Crossroads and they are very involved. I would highly recommend Dr. Ross and his staff to many people. They’ve been very helpful to me.”

~Jim, 09/2013

“I was exposed to something called mycotoxins that are produced by indoor molds in water damaged buildings. I got pretty sick and Dr. Ross really helped me out. Initially I had symptoms of light headedness, a facial rash, blurred vision and then it unfortunately progressed to extreme fatigue.“

“The treatment protocols that Dr. Ross prescribed ” included medication “that binds the toxins and helps to remove them from the body”. He also suggested that I try LET.

“The results have been very good. LET treatment has really helped restore a lot of my energy.” “I would recommend Crossroads to others… it’s a wonderful caring group of people”.

~Neil, 10/2013

After receiving a diagnosis of cancer and subsequent surgery and radiation treatments, I was put on a protocol of nutritional supplements, diet and exercise by Donnie Yance with the help of Dr. Ross.  I have been cancer free for almost three years and continue my protocol.  I feel 20 years younger with a new lease on life.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Ross.

~S.V., 08/2010

The First Line Therapy program has helped teach me how to eat the right amount of healthy foods. Best of all, it has taught me to eat right daily, so that I have the foods available at work and home, and am not tempted to go back to my old ways.

I plan my own meals and buy my own foods, so there is no “end” to this diet plan.  It has taught me the value of exercising daily to keep up my muscle mass, and the long term benefits of this.  I've steadily lost more than a pound a week and have felt good doing it.  So much so that I don't see myself returning to my previous unhealthy and compulsive eating style, as I have found much more pleasure in being more healthy and fit than I have in years.

~Mark H., 4/2010