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Traditional healing disciplines look at health and illness as the interplay of individual factors, environmental factors and social context. The terrain or background events, past and present, have great impact on cause of disease and outcome. Conventional Medicine has created great value by looking at disease in a very focused way. Dissecting out the contributing causes of a disease and creating focused therapies for treatment has been a very effective strategy for treatment. A treatment is developed, (medications and or surgery), that removes, suppresses or neutralized the offending factor and the disease is cured or at least held at bay. Conventional Medicine is focused on the disease and not the individual who has the disease. This approach has been accentuated by the demands for efficiency in treatment of the managed care model and its shear profitability. This model has been very successful in treating disease. It is hampered by the uneven distribution of health care services, excessive cost to the society, and untoward side effects of the therapies. Conventional Medicine often falls short in perceiving the relationship of the disease process to the individual who has an illness, their uniqueness as regards their prior health history, biochemistry, family and community background. I believe there is an opportunity for the convergence of Conventional and Complimentary-Alternative Medicine strategies in the health care process. This convergence has emerged an Integrative Medicine.

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