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Open Focus: Attentional Flexibility Training

Open Focus:  Attentional Flexibility Training

Open Focus Attentional Flexibility Training teaches the skills necessary to focus our attention in a way that improves physical and emotional well-being.  Attention is the process of directing our awareness to our environment.  ‘Open Focus’ as opposed to ‘Narrow Focus’ allows for a coordination between the right and left sides of the brain.  This in turn helps to reduce anxiety, moodiness, sleep disturbance, physical and mental fatigue, and pain which is out of proportion to a physical problem.

Open Focus training consists of:

1.  Twice-monthly group sessions at Integrative Medicine at Crossroads that include:

  • A review of the concepts
  • A practice session led by Dr. Ross or his associates
  • A review of the experience

2.  Home Practice of the ‘Open Focus’ exercises developed by Dr. Les Fehmi.

  • We provide home practice exercises.
  • Practice is very important.

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