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Neuroptimal Therapy: EEG Biofeedback

NeurOptimal Therapy

NeurOptimal Therapy is an EEG Biofeedback intervention that improves brain fitness.  The NeurOptimal feedback system monitors your brainwaves and shows when the Central Nervous System is not functioning at its best.  The training can make it easier for the brain to recover from negative events and increase brain resilience.  The brain becomes healthier, functioning better after the training.

Before beginning the session, the patient completes a questionnaire.  Then while sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen, sensors and clips on the ears and near the scalp pick up the brain’s electrical activity.  This provides a baseline reading.  After the baseline is completed, the patient uses ear buds to listen to music or watch a movie.  There are pauses in sound and picture that allows the brain time to reorganize and function better.  The session lasts about 35 minutes.

Patients feel a shift after six sessions scheduled a week apart.  They typically feel more rested, experience improved outlook and react to negative situations more positively.

Overall Potential Benefits Include:

  • Wellness and personal growth
  • Slows effects of brain aging
  • Improves academic, artistic and athletic performance
  • Helps with cognitive, emotional or physical challenges such as ADHD, Anxiety and Chronic Pain

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