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Integrative Cancer Care

Integrative Cancer Care: Support for patients with diet, nutrition, acupuncture and herbal therapies

The Integrated Cancer Care Program:

Integrated health care is the process of bringing complimentary therapies to conventional health care practices in order to optimize well being. It is applicable to people with cancer as well as other chronic illnesses where the body, mind and spirit are worn down:

The therapies that will be offered and or recommended include but are not limited to:

  1. Dietary guidance and support.
  2. Nutritional supplement therapy.
  3. Herbal therapy.
  4. Energetic therapies such as Acupuncture, LET and PEMF.
  5. Sauna and other thermal therapies.
  6. Therapies to support emotional well being such as Open Focus (Attentional Flexibility Training) and Neuroptimal Therapy (EEG Biofeedback).

This program is meant to compliment and support conventional therapy. We do not recommend that conventional therapies be stopped or avoided.

We are always here to help out in whatever way we can.