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Integrative Medicine at Crossroads provides adult primary care services. Our board-certified physicians and physician assistants practice conventional medicine to the highest standard while integrating the best of non-conventional/complementary medicine diagnostic techniques and therapies.

Our conventional medical services include the breadth of adult primary care medicine. This includes the disciplines of internal medicine and preventive medicine. Our practitioners are on call for emergencies 24/7. Our office endeavors to provide same day appointments for people with urgent health care issues. Most importantly, our practitioners and our entire staff advocate for our patients and act as an interface between their needs and concerns and the ever more complex health care system.

Non-conventional/complementary services include:

Support of autonomic nervous system function:  acupuncture and neural therapy.

Environmental medicine: testing to identify toxic burden (heavy metals, industrial pollutants and biotoxins), support for reduction of toxic burden through avoidance, mitigation and support of the detoxification system.

Support for efficient energy production: testing to determine the efficiency of energy production, testing to determine the factors that might impair efficient energy production and therapeutic strategies to improve energy production (medication adjustment, dietary therapy, exercise therapy, detoxification therapy)

Support for optimal hormonal balance: testing to determine hormonal balance, therapeutic strategies to support hormonal balance (medication adjustment, dietary therapy, exercise therapy, detoxification therapy).

Non-conventional/complementary diagnostic services include:

  1. Assessment of toxic burden
    1. Heavy metal challenge test
    2. Urine toxic pollutant test for benzenes, styrene, xylol, parabens and bisphenol A
    3. Accuchem testing for PCBs, chlorinated pesticides, volatile solvents
    4. Visual contrast sensitivity testing for biotoxins
    5. Review of toxic exposure history
  2. Assessment of hereditary predisposition to chronic health problems via the Genovations profiles for SNPs (the genetic variations that predispose us to health problems)
  3. Assessment of oxidative stress and redox efficiency (F2isoprostane, SOD)
  4. Assessment for the efficiency of energy production through the cardio pulmonary stress testing, indirect calorimetry and body composition analysis.
  5. Assessment of gastrointestinal health using the comprehensive digestive stool analysis and GI effects stool analysis
  6. Assessment of hormonal balance and factors that may impair optimal balance.

Non-conventional/complementary therapeutic services include:

  1. Individual nutritional counseling
  2. First line therapy, a program of therapeutic life style change
  3. Oxygen step therapy
  4. Whole body vibration therapy
  5. Thermal therapy: sauna, steam bath
  6. Oxidation therapy
  7. Individualized therapeutic programs using nutritional supplements and herbal supplements
  8. Individualized detoxification and reconstitution programs.

We are always here to help out in whatever way we can.